Lenny is a newly developed fabric, made out of a unique material, the temprature of which falls rapidly on contact with moisture but still feels dry to the touch. The self-cooling feature works on the principle of evaporativ cooling and offers an innovative way to cool down significantly while in the heat or performing any physical activity.

When moisture in the lenny fabric evaporates, it naturally becomes cooler than the surrounding air and provides a welcome relief in hot enviroments. Lenny keeps the water inside and stays dry on the outside for greater comfort. If your lenny product begins to dry out, simply re-wet and wring it out again and it becomes cool again.

Heat Stress

Lenny Gebrauchsanleitung

Overheating or „Heat stress“ related illness affects millions of athlets and worker exposed from the combined contributions of metabolic heat, enviromental factors, (i.e., air temperature, air movement, humidity, and radiant heat), and clothing requirements.

Heat may occure on many workplaces. For example:

  • In foundries, bakeries, steel mills, smelters, glass factories, and furnaces, extremely hot or molten material is the main source of heat.
  • In outdoor occupations, road repair, such as construction, open-pit mining and agriculture, summer sunshine is the main source of heat.
  • In laundries, restaurant kitchens, and canneries, high humidity adds to the heat burden.
  • In all instances, the cause of heat stress is a working environment which can potentially overwhelm the body's ability to deal with heat.

Most people feel comfortable when the air temperature is between 20°C and 27°C and when the relative humidity ranges from 35 to 60%

So as the temperature or heat burden increases, people may feel:

  • Increased irritability.
  • Loss of concentration and ability to do mental tasks.
  • Loss of ability to do skilled tasks or heavy work.

Overheating is one of the leading causes of preventable sports injury as well. Major organs can stop functioning if the body tempreature gets above 40c.


Keeping you Cooler, Drier for longer

Traditionally, cooling has been achieved using immobile air conditioning, ics packs and fabrics covered in chemicals that wick away sweat, keeping us dry when we perform. These previous methods do not necessarily cool and typically degrade over time.

LENNY provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture-managment fabrics or evaporative cooling technologies that rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments. The result is technology that keeps you cooler, drier and more comfortable with a competitive advantage.


A unique combination of blended yarns that deliver 3 distinct functions:

  • Wicking to move sweat away from your body
  • Moisture Transportation to avoid saturation and accelerate drying
  • regulate evaportion for cooling effect


Cooler: up to 30% lower suface temperature
Drier: non-clinging and non-saturating
Healthier: non-chemical
Longer: zero degradation over time


  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
  • LENNY cool down towel
LENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towelLENNY cool down towel

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